At the moment, TravelMicroSite is still under construction, some of the content is still not available, so please be patient few more days. I hope everything will be up and running as soon as I find some time to finish it.

UPDATE: March, 14 th: France and Scandinavia added. Also available are stories about Caribbean, North and South America. If You are more European kind a person, You can read Zurich and Luxembourg guide.

Very soon: comprehensive Stockholm guide and introduction to Sweden.

TravelMicroSite is integral part of www.djurman.com dedicated to traveling, which is my big passion. I still didn't get the chance to see as much of the world as I would like, but on this page I will present all those beautifull places and countries and cities I visited. As I continue to travel, which I will do soon thanks to DC :-), this part of the site will grow.

All information presented in TravelMicrosite is first hand info, most of it my own impressions, and part of it is published courtesy of and in partnership with www.suslek.com, pioneer of reality net tourism in Croatia, but also in the world. His descriptions are alsi unique, first hand texts about far and exotic destinations accross the world. Special surprise for all is that by visiting www.suslek.com You can get the cheapest accomodations in South America thanks to special discounts all travelers coming form www.suslek.com have with his business partners.

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I will try to provide as much information on certain destinations and cities, but please keep in mind this is a personal web page and personal view of these places and not classical tourist guide. However, I hope You will find some usefull information here.


Stockholm - story about one of the world's greatest capitals, place I love to visit as much as I can
Luxembourg - They call it European living room
Sweden - the country You fall in love with immediately.
Scandinavia - North paradise
Caribbean - Domenica, Barbados, Aruba... enough said!
North America - Unique perspective from the keyboard of Duško Šušlek
Croatia - tourist hit second year in the role, mediterian as it once was

TravelMicroSite is integral part of www.djurman.com and is made in partnership with www.suslek.com.

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